More Information

This page is really just a mingle-mash of notes that I have made about the program. This should one day be a formal specification / database format.

Goal: to create a database format that is small and lightweight so that it is easy to use on all platforms with good replication feature.

- PalmOS
- PocketPC
- Other PDA Oses:
     o Psion (name?)
- Windows
- Linux
- MacOS

- Palm Developer
    o C / C++
    o Made one or two database programs
    o Knowledge of GCC / PRC-Tools would be helpful
    o Experience at making conduits
- PocketPC Developer
    o C / C++
    o Made one or two database oriented programs
    o Knowledge of Embedded Visual Tools would be helpful
    o Owning a PocketPC would be helpful
- Windows & Linux Developer
    o C / C++
    o Experienced at making application in Linux & Windows
    o Experience at porting applications would be helpful

Types of fields
- Checkbox
- Date / Time
- Text
- Link / Lookup
- Currency
- Numeric
- Calculated
- AutoNumber

- Runtime
- Database Specific Runtime
- Database Creator

- Tables
- Forms
- Queries